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Moisture Trap

Specifically designed and manufactured to remove only H20.


Product Information - AT81533

The CJI / ECOM Tech Sodium Sulfate Moisture Trap is designed to remove only H2O from your gas system.

- Eliminate stationary phases degradation

- Increase column life

- Improve the quality of your chromatography.

The absorbing materials used are SORBSIL indicator and Sodium Sulfate, held within a sturdy tube. The indicator changes color from deep orange to clear colorless at relative humidity, which can indicate there is a leak in the system.

Moisture Trap


Moisture Indicator

It changes color from deep orange to nearly clear/colorless as it adsorbs water vapor, allowing the user to determine when it needs replacing. Silica gel is a synthetic amorphous from of silicon dioxide, treated with an inorganic indicating compound which is not classified as hazardous. Due to its larger inner surface are of approx. 800 m² / g the material exhibits a high rate of adsorption for water vapor.

Product Specification

Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 10.20.03

Purifier Capacity

Purifier capacity indicates the amount of contaminant a trap is capable of removing before it reaches its point of saturation. It is dependent on both the adsorbent’s capabilities and purifier’s volume. You need to consider the amount of impurities in your gas stream and the volume of gas you need to purify. If you are purifying a large volume of gas or a less pure gas, you should select a high capacity trap with a large volume adsorbent bed that will trap and retain more contaminants.

Purifier Efficiency

Purifier efficiency is the most important purifier characteristic. It indicates how effective the adsorbent is at removing the desired contaminant from your gas stream. If your application requires high purity levels or the lowest detection limits, select a purifier that is packed with a highly efficient adsorbent material that removes contaminants to ppb levels.

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